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keyboard showing enter key labeled with the word learn As a professional in the field of blindness and low vision, you're working every day to create a world where people with vision loss have equal access and opportunities. You want to keep up with latest thinking, best practices, and certifications—but you're busy.

We have the solution. Accessible, affordable, and authoritative webinars, courses, and continuing education credits from the American Foundation for the Blind, the longtime leader in vision loss professional development.

Browse our eLearning offerings and learn about cutting-edge developments in constantly evolving subject areas, including:

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    The latest on technology products and trends in a rapidly changing world.

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    Practical ideas for use in the classroom and other educational settings.

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    Orientation and Mobility

    Current best practices in O&M teaching and instruction.

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    Specialized guidance and easy home adaptations that emphasize independence.

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    Tools and tips for successful employment and workplace productivity.

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    Strategies for enhancing independent living skills and expanding career opportunities.

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Aging and Visual Impairment Courses: